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Need a Quick Quilt?

Are you in need of a quilt in a hurry? Have you forgotten Uncle Joey's birthday and now you are in a pickle? Never fear... here are a few quilt patterns that might help you out!

Perfect Ten

10 fat quarters, Accent, and a Border is all you need!

As Swirly Girls most popular quilt pattern... you will have this sewn up in no time!


Overnight Sensation

As the name implies... this quick to piece quilt can be sewn up in almost an Overnight Sensation! In truth, you wouldn't get any sleep... but this is easy to piece and can be completed over a weekend easily. The pattern calls for 12 fat quarters and a background. If you have bold, large scale prints, this pattern gives each print a chance to shine!



Snappy is easy to piece. No angles or tricky things to match up. Grab 10 fat quarters and 2 borders and get to work!


Patchwork PDQ

PDQ = Pretty Darned Quick... and this quilt is exactly that! With simple squares and rectangles... it is great for a beginning quilter. There are 5 sizes from Baby to King!

Patchwork PDG - 5 Sizes
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