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Week 2 - Making It! Jo's celebration of a chemo goal...

My Birthday Celebration Continues! Last week I discussed why turning 50 is so exciting for me.

If you missed that post, you can find it here. 😊

This week, I would love to talk about the fabric that inspired me to have this mini blog event.

Last October, while in Houston at International Quilt Market, Kate, Kris and I walked into the Marcus Fabrics’ booth and spotted the Soulful Shades of Pink collection. It is in a pink that is not traditionally associated with the breast cancer awareness campaigns.

I instantly loved it… for exactly that reason!

Let’s go back in time.

I was diagnosed on September 27, 2007. Four days later Breast Cancer Awareness Month kicked off. It felt like every third commercial was about breast cancer. It was overwhelming at that particular moment in time. Now, don’t think I’m against having a month for breast cancer. Not at all! However, in the midst of a diagnosis, it can be stressful and anxiety inducing.

The traditional pink became a constant reminder that I had cancer. As a result, making a quilt in the traditional pink sort of screams BREAST CANCER to me. I just never felt compelled to make a quilt for someone or myself in fabric collections using that pink.

Now, I’m sure other survivors don’t have the same thoughts. We all deal with things differently. But for me, the pink is okay in small quantities. But a whole quilt would be too much for my over-thinking brain.

When I saw the Soulful Shades of Pink collection by Marcus it was perfect.

Pink, but not the traditional one.

Calming. Lovely.

It is a great mix of pinks and grays. The stripe is perfect for a binding.

The butterflies make me smile.

I absolutely love everything about it!

Next week I will reveal the quilt I designed. All profits (everything except the cc fees) for all 2020 sales will be donated to the American Cancer Society. I’ll explain why I donate to the American Cancer Society every year in next week’s post. The pattern will be a pdf download only available on my online store starting next Friday, February 21st.

Here’s a tiny sneak peek:

Thanks for stopping by! Jo

Schedule of Events: (I borrowed this from Kris/ blog post... thanks Kris!!)

Feb 7th

Kate will be posting a mini tutorial and a link to the free pattern.

I will be posting about my breast cancer story.

Kris will be posting tips on strip piecing.

Feb 14th

Kate will be posting a mini tutorial to enhance the free pattern.

I will be posting about why I chose this fabric line and show snippets of my project.

Kris will be posting a mini tutorial and a link to her free pattern.

Feb 21st

Kate will be posting a mini tutorial and showing other projects made with the fabric.

I will be showing off my project and a link to the pattern. All profits from the pattern sales will go to the American Cancer Society.

Kris will be posting a mini tutorial about sizing the project for kids.

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