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12/2020 Cutting Clarification:

The original pattern didn't take directional fabric into account when cutting Fat Quarters.  The written cutting instructions (text) works for non-directional fabrics.   

If the cutting diagram is green, then it matches the original non-directional cutting instructions.  

If the cutting diagram is purple, then it does not match the non-directional text (from original version), but it is laid out correctly for directional fabrics.  So, both work, but following the diagram is best for directional fabrics.

If the diagram is blue, you are golden.  This version works for everything!

If you have any questions, send me a message via the contact page.  Thanks!

Lap Sized!

Quilt:   60" x 66"

SGD025 Snappy
Snappy Cover.jpg
Snappy Back Cover.jpg
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