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Block Talk Stars


Very versatile pattern!

If using panels, T-shirts, etc:

The Block Talk Stars pattern adjusts to whatever size you cut the center of the block.  The center of the block can be any size as long as they are all the same size.  Pattern includes a link to a web based interactive calculator to help you figure out how large your finished quilt will be, cutting sizes, and fabric requirements.  You can even add a border!

Size: Varies depending on the size of your center panels and the number of squares.

Block Talk Stars Quilt pattern by Swirly Girls Design in batiks

Where to Buy...

Customers outside of the US and Canada, please use this link.
Block Talk Stars quilt featuring bright ocean themed animals with stars between the blocks and a border
Back Cover of Block Talk Stars quilt pattern giving fabric requirements

Featured In...

Block Talk Stars quilt in bright colors featuring jungle themed animals in the centers of the blocks surrounded by pieced stars

Jungle Menagerie

Michael Miller Fabrics

in shops Sept. 2024

Block Talk Stars quilt featuring cute pastel rabbit panel blocks surrounded by pieced stars with a rabbit theme border

Cotton Tails

QT Fabrics

in shops Jan 2024

Block talk stars quilt featuring castles with wizards and warriors. Stars are pieced between the blocks.

Wizards and Warriors

QT Fabrics

in shops April 2024

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