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Lakeside Lodge Block Talk Tips

Lakeside Lodge Block Talk no Border_edited.jpg

Before you begin, please read through the pattern.  This is not a typical pattern that tells you exactly what size to cut the pieces.  Instead, it adjusts based on the size YOU cut the center panel pieces.  Everything is based off of the dimensions of the center panel.  Once those dimensions are decided upon, the calculator will walk you through everything else you need to know.

The first page's information is for those using precut 10" squares.  If you are making the Lakeside Lodge version, skip to page 6.

Based on the information I received from Northcott Fabrics (we only receive digital images of the fabric... not actual pieces of fabric), the panel should measure approximately 10-1/2" W x 10-1/2" H.  However, I have heard that it isn't exactly that dimension.  If you prewash your fabrics, it very likely is smaller.  The fabric requirements and finished size on the pattern were based on cutting the panels at 11" x 11" (this includes seam allowance).  However, you may or may not want to use those dimensions.

Note: the center panel does not need to be a square.  It can be a rectangle.

The magic of the Block Talk pattern is the ability to cut the center panels to whatever size works for you and then using the online calculator to figure out all the dimensions for your quilt.  Just remember to cut all the panels exactly the same dimensions.  I can't list the online calculator here... it is only for people who have purchased a pattern.  Look in your pattern for the website address.  It is listed multiple times.

The Lakeside Lodge version with the border has a finished 4" border.  It was cut at 4-1/2" wide.  

If the center panels are cut a different dimension than 11" x 11", the finished size of the quilt will be slightly larger or smaller.

Lakeside Lodge Block Talk with Border_edited.jpg
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