Michael Miller Clubhouse

Join the Club with Michael Miller Fabrics and Swirly Girls Design. Beautiful fabrics, innovative quilt designs and clever techniques make Clubhouse a winner!

Shop owners have opportunities to instruct their club members on techniques used in the quilts.  Our website, www.michaelmillerclubhouse.com gives fun tips on how to run your club while making it fun and educational.

Creativity, fun and friends are the words that best describe the foundation that the club is built upon. The Clubhouse is a place where members come to be creative while spending time with friends.

To join Michael Miller Clubhouse, visit www.michaelmillerclubhouse.com to find a Club near you!

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 12_38_41 PM FB  Daydream Logo
Michael Miller Clubhouse 2014 – Daydream

Michael Miller Clubhouse 2013 – Poppy Love
Michael Miller Clubhouse 2012 – Weekend

Michael Miller Clubhouse 2011 – Bonnes Amies


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